Samantha West
Original paintings
2013 Interrogating the most striking aspects in found situations, and honing in on the key shapes and patterns for new object and experiential moments in paint.
2011-2012 Paintings where reduction and lyric begin to become more prominent features, whilst relationship and dialogue continue as dominant themes.
2008-2011 Using the properties of a variety of materials to explore relationships in our surroundings, landscape and cityscape, and the structure and colour of what cannot be seen, or invisible spaces.
2007-2008 Exploring ways to visually describe the spirit and personality of our environment and employing the unpredictable nature of a variety of materials to bring their own qualities and peculiarities to add to the story.
2007 An abstract look at the detail of organic natural forms, with imagined landscapes of mark and colour to describe the spaces that can't be seen, mainly focusing on the forms of seed-heads of the Nigella Damascena (Love in A Mist) flower, dried rose heads, and still life. Employing substance and colour to work with relationships in the painting as well as referencing those felt and seen in the forms of the subjects.
2004-2006 Painting, embracing the 'alchemist'. Strong influences referencing Antoni Tapies and Anselm Kiefer. Employing organic forms and the properties of paint and substances to find relationships that attract, repel, clash and compliment, to work up energetic, free and spontaneous paintings that are responding to relationships between ourselves and everything around us.
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